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A SOAP Database interface to Allegiance IGC Files hosted by SourceForge.net Logo

Help plan the architecture
We will soon be opening up idea submissions to help in the planning of the overall SoapyIGC architecture.

» SoapyIGC Project Page
» Allegiance Gateway
  Information about Allegiance the game that SoapyIGC displays the core files for.
» pICE
  The perl module that SoapyIGC uses to access the IGC files
» Allegiance Acadamy
  One of the sites that might make use of the finished product. Also a good example of the type of information the finished product should display.


We have just kicked off and are assembling project docs now! David @ Fri Dec 5 11:28:27 2003 EST
Stay tuned for more info.

Soon to come
  • Some initial mySQL database schemas
  • Sample script to import some faction values into mySQL