Various end users produce IGC core-files for the online game Allegiance.

These core-files define what factions(alien races) are available as well as charateristics such as the techtrees, ship statistics, etc that the Allegiance server presents to a client that connects.

Cores can vary greatly, and with the large number of cores in existance, and with more being produced, end users have a hard time keeping up with the differences as they change servers.

Part of the project is to develop a database schema for a mySQL database to hold values extracted from the IGC (core) files.

A perl script will be produced to extract the characteristics of a core, and populate the database.

The third part of the project is a PHP based SOAP interface (using NuSoap) to the database, that will allow for the quering of faction data for comparison purposes across different cores.

The idea being that various people creating tutorials, and acadamies can then use a scripting languge to consume the XML information to make their tutorials dynamically updated depending on the core being considered.

This would also allow a high level of seperation between the logic producing the information, and the presentation layer. Logo

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